The Reasons Why Some Ladies Are Used And Dumped

Ladies have made themselves preys to bad guys, while the bad guys are predators. These are some of the reasons why some ladies are easily used and dumped:

  1. Some ladies are too materialistic. When a rich guy woos her, she becomes carried away by the wealth of the guy. She starts falling in love with the guy because of his money. The guy takes advantage of her and uses the money to confuse her. The lady freely gives her body to him. When the guy is tired, he dumps her and picks another lady.
  2. Some girls are easily deceived with sweet words. Just tell them sweet lies and they will open their legs for you without thinking twice. Guys use sweet lies to lure girls to bed.
  3. Almost all ladies like the words: “I will marry you”. The moment a guy tells a girl that he will marry her, she quickly opens her legs for the guy without thinking twice. The guy then uses and dumps her.
  4. Some guys use engagement rings to deceive ladies, lure them to bed, use and dump them.
  5. Ladies are too emotional. A lady gives all her body and soul to her guy, while guy gives her only his body; (except if the guy truly loves her).


  1. Do not have sex with a guy who has not yet married you, if you can.
  2. Even if he has given you an engagement ring, do not open your legs for him. An engagement ring is not a guarantee that he will marry you.
  3. Do not be carried away by the handsome face of a guy. Even angel Lucifer(Satan) is a very handsome and beautiful angel. So never you date a guy because of his handsome face.
  4. Make an investigation about the type of person you are dating. Ask questions about him from his friends and neighbours. Don’t date someone blindly.
  5. Do not be materialistic.
  6. When a guy tells you sweet words, make secret research to find out whether those sweet words are true or not.
  7. If he says he loves you, test him to find out.

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