In the world today, the institution of marriage is greatly misunderstood because many have failed to live up to what it should be, others have taught is wrongly and everyone is a commentator on the subject. In Matthew 19:11 MSG, Our Lord Jesus teaches that: “But Jesus said, “Not everyone is mature enough to live a married life. It requires a certain aptitude and grace. Marriage isn’t for everyone” 1. The maturity of marriage begins where we are able to… Read More »THIS INSTITUTION CALLED MARRIAGE


  1. Anger Anger is a relationship killer; we are all human, and we all get upset; anger is a natural feeling. However, many people make the mistake of allowing their anger to cloud their judgment; when you allow your anger to cloud your judgment, your relationship will suffer as a result, and you will make so many mistakes that it will be a significant minus.   2. NEVER FAIL TO APOLOGISE Three words that can salvage a relationship are… Read More »THREE THINGS TO AVOID, WHEN YOU ARE IN LOVE


Men cannot have contact with you and still live you for another woman if he find out the you are an exceptional lady. There are many woman of the same similarities, attractive body, nice voice, beautiful face. Same girl men will see her, talk to her. She will agree with the man. She will spend time days years with the man, she (some) will also wash the man’s clothes and do all necessary things that women can do but at… Read More »HOW TO MAKE HIM TO STAY


THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU HAVE SUITORS   As a lady, when many men begin to seek for your hand in marriage and coming to your father’s house to look for flowers to pluck that they didn’t plant, you should know that you are in your prime. When you are in your prime, you’re more beautiful, you will experience influx of men seeking to have you, you’re body is more developed, attractive and enticing and you look more matured etc.… Read More »THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU HAVE MANY SUITORS

Principles to make your marriage work

  As a woman discover this, who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10 Most women are yet to discover their potential in men’s life. There are divine calls and assignments that God gave women but many don’t know, some know but have not actually taken their position See also HOW TO MAKE HIM TO STAY   Unless you as a woman or man discover whom, you are, your position in marriage, you… Read More »Principles to make your marriage work

Avoid being used and dumped

The Reasons Why Some Ladies Are Used And Dumped Ladies have made themselves preys to bad guys, while the bad guys are predators. These are some of the reasons why some ladies are easily used and dumped: Some ladies are too materialistic. When a rich guy woos her, she becomes carried away by the wealth of the guy. She starts falling in love with the guy because of his money. The guy takes advantage of her and uses the money… Read More »Avoid being used and dumped

To achieve good sex in marriage, read this

The area of sex has been one lifestyle many couples are overlooking, many preacher, teachers and counselors don’t even mention it or talk about it. Many people feels that teaching or mentioning it is a sin. We have neglected the context. And today it have become problem of many marriages. Many marriages have opened door for 3rd party as a result of unsatisfied sex. God prepared SEX to be enjoyed but the question is how many are actually enjoying it.… Read More »To achieve good sex in marriage, read this

One relationship secret you should know.

Marriage is a cardinal aspect of a man’s life. The day you got married, is like you bought a piece of land. Can you live in the ordinary land? of course no, you need to raise a structure. Likewise the marriage. Before you decided to buy a land, you had a mental picture of the kind of structure you want to erect there. But unfortunately, many young people don’t have any clear picture of the kind of marriage they desire. … Read More »One relationship secret you should know.

11 things to keep private in your marriage

YOUR SPOUSE’S SEXUAL STRUGGLESIf your husband doesn’t last long in bed or his penis loses erection quickly if your wife has an unpleasant smell or she struggles to do some sex positions; don’t expose him/her to your friends or someone with who you are flirting in bid to justify why you are flirting. The sexual struggles in your marriage should be kept a secret as you both feel safe seeking solutions together THE SWEETEST PART ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFEIf the… Read More »11 things to keep private in your marriage