In our previous post, we discussed Relationships’ Abuse. And now we are continuing with looking into

Effects of the Relationships’ Abuse

  1. It capable of changing one’s original nature.
  2. It makes one’s lost memory and focused
  3. It is capable of changing one’s character negatively.
  4. It’s capable of bringing untimely death
  5. It brings a generational curse
  6. It scatters home
  7. It exposes one to danger and also engages in a dangerous act
  8. Emotional, mental physical illness
  9. Perpetual sadness
  10. Loss of self-esteem
  11. Exposing to bad habits

There are so many effects but mentioned few. Sometimes, someone can be going through abuse without knowing that it, so will know that they are going through it but don’t know what to do. Especially in some society that does not care about about the voiceless.

Now, if you discovered that are going through any of this abuse, don’t keep quiet, don’t say or assume that you can endure it and overcome it, cry out. Look for help, look for someone that can help you or talk to you. Look for someone that you can confide on, that will even help you to find out if you are the cause of what you are going through. Or that will give you a guide on how to overcome.

Abuse is not what one can nurse, live with, or quietly endure. Irrespective of your reasons. Many have died where they are trying to overcome it. Because of their children or one seems genuine reason or the other. Remember if you die, the reason will still be there. You the abuser, mind you that if you didn’t suffer what you did to the voiceless less, your children will suffer it.

Lamentation Lam.5.7 – It was our ancestors who sinned, but they died before the hand of judgment fell. We have suffered the punishment they deserved! See what you are preparing for your generation. Some may be abusive but may not know it, observe the countenance of your spouse, children, and people around you to discover when you are abusing them unknowingly.


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