Men cannot have contact with you and still live you for another woman if he find out the you are an exceptional lady.
There are many woman of the same similarities, attractive body, nice voice, beautiful face.
Same girl men will see her, talk to her. She will agree with the man. She will spend time days years with the man, she (some) will also wash the man’s clothes and do all necessary things that women can do but at the end, you see the man going. That same man that come to confess love will turn his back against you. He will turn off his phone against you and turn your days sad. You have taking a deep thought what could be your offense because in your judgement, you have done all necessary things you should do to make him stay but at the end you will still see that same man living your heart ❤.
Many ladies have decided to settle with the pain. Some have concluded that it’s their destiny. Some may come up with the assumption that maybe it’s attack from somewhere.
But to get a man that will be afraid to loose you is actually possible. How? That is exactly what we discuss how in a few moments.
1. First thing is you must be exceptional woman. Many man have come in contact with a lady that look attractive. A lady that any man can see and shout waaw. A lady that every man will see and love at first sight but the problem is to keep him after the second and third sight. Exceptional lady is that lady that can add much value into man’s life.
It might not be your money but your bundle of wisdom. Productive input to his progress. Make him to see that you have come to transform him. Than you are in his life to build him. To help him to be a different better man.
2. Exceptional woman is a visionary women. She have ability to plan and organize a home. She have foresight, he word is full of wisdom and seasoned
You know, women are sometimes more organized than men. It’s your presence that will now organize him. Plan and in humility communicate it to him. Give him a vision,suggest a new business strategies. Help him to curtail his excess spending.
3. Can he see exceptional woman that can give him peace not because you want him to stay but because you want him to have peace instead of more stress. ( what it means to give a man peace is another topic we will discuss in our subsequent post)
4. Respecting a man even when it’s seems that he didn’t deserve it is another secret way to capture his heart as if he is under your spell. If you you locate the heart of a man you will control him like charm.
5. Above all, values is one of the weapon you can use to hold her to yourself. He should sense a virtuous in you. This is absolutely scarce in many ladies but some didn’t know. Some feel that this quality will make them less women. It will make them look as if they didn’t belong to this generation. Value and virtuous lady is another topic to talk about in one of our upcoming post.

NOTE: The information you receives will contribute to your success or failure. As an exceptional woman, you should be mindful of the kind of information you listen to. You can also go for seminars read books, these are the way of trapping from other people success stories that will help you boost your own knowledge. Knowledge is most powerful key. Many people are suffering today because of what they don’t know. That is knowledge.

Our sincere concern is seeing your next better than your previous. Learning and practicing what you learned is one way to grow and becoming better.

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4 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE HIM TO STAY”

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  2. Ejima Chibuzo
    Precious Chidiebere Eburuekwe

    I so much love this. Please keep it up. Keep posting so that our youth will not make mistakes in marriage, and also that they may have a peaceful marriage.
    I tried talking to youth on issues of marriage because I understand that marriage is another junction of life where the devil waits for any man if he could not get him while young and single.

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