I stumbled upon this picture, it got me thinking about what many women are going(have gone) through. She refused to run when the fire came. She decided to protect her eggs. Without minding the danger.

She has a chance to run but she couldn’t leave the eggs. This is a typical love of a mother the baby/child/children. They are so emotional that they would rather give their life than seeing their child(ren) go through pains. Many women sold their cloth to send their children to school. Some to did to make sure their child eats.

Many women have the choice to quit risky situations including brutal marriages that cost their lives, but their pain is either their unborn or born. Some bear the pain sacrifice all that even her life just for the children to be happy.

As a child, how do you reciprocate what your mother(parents) sacrifice to you?

How have you made them feel, sad or happy?

I came across a video of a young guy beating his mother according to the caption of the video. I asked if this guy under a spell or under influence of anything. Most people don’t know that some of the little disobedience to our parents brings curse even when they didn’t open their mouth to pronounce it. The “honor your parents” is a command with a promise. Word of God says if you honor them you will live long on the earth.

Can you go back to your drawing board, recall the suffering/sacrifice of our mother(parents) and reciprocate? It has its own blessing. Take it as a task to make sure that you do your best to make them smile at least once in a while.

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