Marriage is a cardinal aspect of a man’s life. The day you got married, is like you bought a piece of land. Can you live in the ordinary land? of course no, you need to raise a structure. Likewise the marriage. Before you decided to buy a land, you had a mental picture of the kind of structure you want to erect there. But unfortunately, many young people don’t have any clear picture of the kind of marriage they desire. 

The big strong and concrete buildings you see around, has a lot to do with the materials used. Young man, do you have materials to assist you in building your marriage? How many books on marriage and family life have you read, How many sound Christian movies on marriage and family life have you watched, how many marriage seminars have you attended? Do you even have a spiritual mentor that is vast in the word of God, how many messages have you listened to on marriage, how many verses of the scripture on marriage have you read and stored in your heart? 

I discovered that why many Christian marriages are failing is because the pastor does not have a detailed marriage section with intending couples. In your marriage section or class, were they taught on: 

  • Communication in marriage
  • Conflicts in marriage
  • Adaptation and Adjustment in marriage
  • In-laws undue interference in marriage. 
  • Challenges in intertribal marriages. 
  • Sexuality in marriage
  • Marriage and career
  • Marriage and ministry
  • Child Training
  • Marriage and Temperament
  • Marriage and relationship between siblings and parents. Etc. 

Note those are a tip of the iceberg. They are just course titles with series of topics under each of them. After that, there should be serious and series of tests, quizzes and practical assignments. They should be told to buy some books and complex questions asked about it. They should have series of PRAYERS section, each of them should share his or her Revelations with the pastor or his delegate. The leadership should spend time to pray for them on his own. Have a great listen ear for them. A sister and daughter spend time to share with me her experiences and while we were discussing, the Lord took me to the various states she visited and I asked her about the things the Lord told me right on the spot and she confirmed them. In another scene, the Lord revealed to me a very big monkey like demon with a Yoruba name. We prayed and she became delivered and today she is happily married. 

Pastor, if you have a strong passion for your members, God will open your eyes and show you things about them. 

Are you happy to hear that the marriage you conducted or witnessed, after few months or years the marriage went down the drain? 

Singles I declare to you, that even if your parents didn’t enjoy their marriage, you will continually enjoy yours in Jesus name.

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