In the world today, the institution of marriage is greatly misunderstood because many have failed to live up to what it should be, others have taught is wrongly and everyone is a commentator on the subject.

In Matthew 19:11 MSG, Our Lord Jesus teaches that:
“But Jesus said, “Not everyone is mature enough to live a married life. It requires a certain aptitude and grace. Marriage isn’t for everyone”

1. The maturity of marriage begins where we are able to understand it’s privileges and appreciate it’s demands.

2. Marriage is going to be hard on your flesh and demand maturity from you.

3. This is what will make a man not be power drunk that he is the leader but lead with fear and trembling, knowing that he will answer to God about every move of his leadership.

4. This is what will make a woman submit to her husband as unto the Lord, knowing that God set the order of marriage for the good of the union and both of them.

5. This is what will make a couple know when to seek help and ensure that the marriage institution may sometime require that you seek solutions rather than drown in it.

6. We must therefore study the word of God more deliberately when it comes to the subject of marriage, to understand it’s demands, it’s rights and privileges and to know how to do it.

6. Concerning these slides, it is important to identify what abuse is not so that, we don’t take every pain, pressure and difficulty in marriage as one. Particularly that in today’s world, with all the evil stories emerging, people need to know what is abuse and what is not.

May the Lord give you understanding.

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