The area of sex has been one lifestyle many couples are overlooking, many preacher, teachers and counselors don’t even mention it or talk about it. Many people feels that teaching or mentioning it is a sin. We have neglected the context. And today it have become problem of many marriages.

Many marriages have opened door for 3rd party as a result of unsatisfied sex. God prepared SEX to be enjoyed but the question is how many are actually enjoying it.

Many time we take SEX just as exercise. Just climb, wine waist and come down. But actually it’s more interesting than how we think of it.

Most time many men take the advantages to satisfy themselves without minding if the woman is also satisfied or not. In other way women most time doesn’t respond during sex. She will just lie down as if she is waiting for the man to do and get out.

Spice up your bedroom activities, make it more interesting it’s a bond to marriage. If both couples are satisfied after sex it makes them to be happy to themselves. And they will flow well and communicate well all through.

Bedroom activities is one of the things you must be carefully build/plan at the first stage of the marriage. It’s a bond in marriage and it can also pull marriage down if not carefully managed.

In next post we will discuss how to achieve a good sex in marriage.

Remember God hate adultery and fornication

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